Friday, November 9, 2012

Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran Beach is one of West Java’s beautiful beaches. This beach has located on a peninsula of the south coast of West Java. It has separated by isthmus. We can see the sunrise from the east beach and the sunset on the west beach. There is a water sports such as Banana Boat, Butterfly, Snorkling, etc in east beach while we can play kites, swim in the shore along in the west beach.

Picture was taken from the peninsula - Sunset
So many restaurants in east beach provide fresh sea foods. Be sure you choose the right restaurant that gives you a delicious taste and good bargain price.
one of the delicious and bargain restaurant
There is The Penanjung Pangandaran nature reserve on a peninsula connected to the mainland by The isthmus. A narrow neck of land  is around 200 meters wide. You will meet many wild monkeys in there. It also you will found the cave that was build on second world war II by the Japanese.
becareful with wild monkeys in this area
There are so many star hotels along way in the west beach. Eventough their locations is seperated by the street however if you are lucky enough will get the hotel with beach view.
You should have to spend three nights if you want to explore Pangandaran beach alone. In the morning, you can rent a bike from Rp.20.000 - 40.000,- per hour to feel the natural air breeze of the shore. 


  1. pangandaran ya,
    kenangan masa kecil . . .

  2. bener banget tuh, kenangan masa kecil, pernah kesana ketika masih TK, :)

  3. Terakhir ke pangandaran setahun yamg lalu. Sudah bisa snorkling walau belum terlalu indah pemandangan bawah lautnya. Mungkin dulu hancur karena tsunami ya....
    Tapi memang pantainya indah dan suasananya nyaman.

  4. siti nurjanah & damae....seandainya ada jalan tol ke pangandaran mungkin saya bakalan sering ke tempat tersebutf

  5. niken...bener juga akibat tsunami membuat perubahan yang signifikan