Sunday, November 4, 2012

Plan a Vacation

So many people are confused to make a decision when they want to go on vacation. Here are some tips that may be useful for you who wants it.
  1. Set up a destination : We should be able to define where we want to go because it effects the next planning step.
  2. Choosing a type of transportation:
    • Airplane : Nowaday so many airlines offer very cheap flights to a certain place. However, it's a certain terms and conditions. Read all the rules and requirements before we pay. The airlines could change the schedule and will call one week prior to the date of any change in schedule. Make sure we call them 3 days before the big day whether they are all in the schedule
    • Train : Traveling within the island is very cool experience especially for children who rarely had opportunity to ride train. However the travel time of using train will take longer than airplane and less comfort.
    • Bus : When you travel with group, bus is suitable type of transportation. People will gather in a crowd so make the unforgetable journey.
    • Personal Vehicle: It is very fun when you have several cars together. Those cars will take care each other if something happen or an accident.  
  3. Determine the vacation date : On a big holiday, its hard to find a suitable accommodation, transportation and tourist attractions that we are headed. Year-end holidays, school holidays and summer holiday are times that need to be kept.
  4. Number of family members (group) : The number of people who will go on holiday together very important with the determination of transportation, and accommodation.
  5. Budgeting :  The most important is how much money will we use and spend. Vacations can make us so very wasteful in spending. We do not want to finish holiday, even giddy as cash flow we become distracted by holiday ineffective and inefficient.
May be useful for you all

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